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Our Story

LUNA was initiated in early 2015 by Ann Rosenthal, an artist and environmental educator. She proposed an ecoliteracy and art program to the Kingsley Association to complement ongoing environmental initiatives in the Larimer community. Working with Kingsley staff, a team was formed, the program was developed, and funding was procured. Going forward into 2017-18, we are partnering with community and environmental organizations to connect kids and families to nature through art.

Ann Rosenthal, LUNA Program Director


Ann brings to communities over 30 years experience as an artist, educator, and writer. Her artwork has been shown locally at the Andy Warhol Museum and the Mattress Factory, throughout the U.S., and internationally. Ann has taught in several area colleges, and has developed youth programs that combine ecoliteracy and art. Her writing has been published in several critical anthologies and academic journals. She received her MFA from Carnegie Mellon University in 1999.


Maya Guerin, LUNA Program Partner


Maya is an landscaper and artist. She has volunteered with AmeriCorps, studying and protecting the native species in Washington State where she created and taught environmental curricula for children. She has also worked with special needs children in the art classroom at the Children's Institute. Currently, Maya works as a landscaper in the Pittsburgh area and is a Mom to a blossoming naturalist. She brings her knowledge and passion for plants to LUNA's programming.

Community Partners


We partner with many environmental, educational, and community organizations, including the Kingsley Association; Penn State/Urban 4H; Phipps; New Sun Rising; the Environmental Charter School, and the Frick Environmental Center.


Did you know? Trees are significant in many cultures and religions. Not only are they beautiful, but they are home to many species, control climate, conserve water, preserve soil, and provide oxygen.

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